Let SmoothSale buy your flat directly from you in as little as 7 days! It's a guaranteed sale, and stress free.

How Long Does it Take

Research suggests that selling a flat can take double the time it takes to sell a house...BUT

How Fast can SmoothSale Buy My Flat

We can buy your flat for cash in as little as 7 days...or a time frame that suits you.

Can I Sell my Flat with a Short Lease

If you have a short lease, extending it could cost you £1000s, or even  £10 000s!

Can I Sell my Flat with a Short Lease?

BUT!  SmoothSale will buy your flat, directly from you ...with any lease.

Why Choose SmoothSale

12 Days average sale duration  √ £9457 on average saved in costs  120 + properties bought for cash