Let SmoothSale help you sell your house, online, for cash. The best part...we do it in 3 simple steps.

Why Choose Us? 

We'll buy your house for cash 

You're guaranteed a speedy sale ✔

Absolutely zero fees  ✔

No guaranteed sale You'll be charged a fee of anything from £99 & up Could be hit with hidden costs

Online Agents

Not a quick sale No assurance your home will sell The buyer can pull out, having not paid a deposit

Online Auctions

Fees between 0.75% - 3% + VAT If you don't sell, the fee still applies You need to pay for all legal costs

Selling with eBay

How to Sell Your House Online 

Visit our website and contact us via our online form & enter all your property information. 


How to Sell Your House Online 

Sit back & relax while we do all the legal checks. Then receive a no-obligation cash offer.


How to Sell Your House Online 

Choose a completion date, receive your cash and handover the keys to us!


Fully Managed Sales Service ✔

Guaranteed Property Sale ✔

Sell Your House Fast ✔

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