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Why choose SmoothSale?


Timescale is suited to your needs

You can have the cash in your account within 7 days. Or you choose the timescale to tie in with your onward plans


The sale is completely guaranteed

If you're happy with our offer, the sale is guaranteed. No fall throughs, no last minute changes. No Stress. This also puts you in a strong position negotiating any onward plans you have.


No hidden costs

There are many hidden costs on top of what you would expect when selling. Renovation work, cleaning, EPC certificates to mention a few. With SmoothSale you wont have any of these.


You don't pay a penny

We don't charge you anything, we cover all the costs associated with selling, even your legal fees. It is completely free


Best prices paid

We guarantee to beat any other genuine cash buying companies formal offer!


No Stress

No Viewings, No for Sale Signs, No Negotiations, No Middlemen, No Chains, No Hassle

Want a cash buyer for your home?

Have you been investigating different ways to secure a fast house sale? Do you want a great price on your home without the stress of the open market? Would you like a chain-free property sale? You’re in the right place! SmoothSale are one of the UK’s leading cash house buyers and we have the funds to buy your home today.

How does SmoothSale operate as a cash buyer?

Selling your home on the open market has its pitfalls. If you’re selling your home and have experienced a sale falling through you will know how stressful the situation can be. SmoothSale can help by eliminating these problems. By selling your home to SmoothSale you can rest assured there will be no issue due to a smooth sales process. We buy houses for cash, using our own funds, so that our customers can sell up and have the money in their account whenever they choose to complete.

And yes, we can guarantee to sell your house fast or in a timeframe that suits you. We have bought homes from customers struggling with:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Repossession
  • Divorce or separation
  • An ‘unsellable’ home
  • An inherited property
  • Relocation
  • Downsizing
  • A short lease property

Get a Cash Offer

How can SmoothSale help?

Want a hassle-free way to sell your property quickly get in touch with SmoothSale today - one of the UK’s leading cash home buyers. Check out everything you need to know below, including the selling process, the types of properties we purchase, and how you can sell your home fast. You can also get a free property valuation online with us today.

The benefits of selling a house to cash buyer

By operating as a cash house buyer SmoothSale can offer you a quick, hassle-free property sale. We remove the stress of selling, leaving you free to focus on the more important things in life. With our dedicated team of property experts, you will be guided through the process that guarantees you a sale. Choosing to sell your home to a cash house buyer like us means you will avoid:

  • Mortgage issues of a buyer
  • No complicated house chain
  • Waiting around for viewings
  • Leaving your home on the market
  • Sale falling through

Keen to sell your home SmoothSale offer a transparent and flexible service. We are one of the most trusted names in the property industry and are best placed to help you sell your home in a timeframe that suits you. To top it off, you won’t have to pay a penny and we even cover your legal fees.

If you’re interested in selling with a reliable cash house buyer get in touch with us today. SmoothSale are ready to offer you a no-obligation property valuation and are available on 0800 368 8952 or if you’d like any questions answering.

What is the difference between a cash house buyer and an estate agent?

Companies that buy houses for cash

  • Sell in a timeframe that suits you
  • Guaranteed sale
  • Completely free service
  • Legal fees are covered
  • No need for viewings
  • No mortgage issues
  • No property chain

Traditional estate agent

  • Properties can take months to sell
  • You have to facilitate viewings
  • Sales can fall through
  • Estate agents charge commission
  • Ineffective marketing
  • Lack of communication
  • High risk of chain complications
Why choose SmoothSale?
average sale duration
on average saved in costs
properties bought for cash

Sell house for cash FAQs

We understand that you may have some questions when choosing to sell with us. We have answered some of our most common queries below. However, don’t forget we are always available on 0800 368 8952 or via should you want more information from our expert team.

What is a cash house buyer?

Cash buyers buy properties for cash, eliminating the need for a mortgage or a loan. We buy houses for cash which gives our customers a hassle-free way to sell in a timeframe that suits them. It’s a really easy process which is completely managed by us. You can’t enquire by requesting a no-obligation valuation today or call 0800 368 8952 if you’d like to talk to one of our knowledgeable team.

Absolutely! Many of our previous customers have required a quick turnaround when it comes to selling their house. Whatever your circumstances our expert team can take the stress out of selling by buying your house from you directly with the cash we have available. You simply pick a date you’d like to complete on the sale and the money will be transferred into your account. Find out more about how Smoothsale works or get a free valuation from us below.

That’s what our clients love about SmoothSale, there is no eligibility criteria. If you have a home that you wish to sell we are ready to help. We can buy your home in a timeframe that suits you. As we act as a cash buyer, we have the funds ready to buy your home from you. This means no lengthy wait on the open market and a chain-free sale – giving you the opportunity for a quick house sale.

There are countless reasons why our customers choose SmoothSale. We have helped people sell their homes for all sorts of reasons, including avoiding repossession. Cash sales can be appropriate for anybody wishing to sell their home. We have provided a hassle-free and fast sale for those facing financial difficulty, going through a divorce, wanting to downsize or relocate, and wishing to sell an inherited property. These are just some of the reasons people choose SmoothSale. If you want a guaranteed and stress-free sale we deliver.

We are glad you asked because we pride ourselves on our transparent selling process. SmoothSale makes money by putting properties we purchase onto the open market, typically after a spot of renovation or decoration. This saves you from spending any money sprucing up a property you want to sell and means you will avoid the long waiting times and hassle of viewings on the open market.
Obviously, like any business, we need to make a profit or we wouldn’t be able to continue helping our customers achieve their selling goals. This is why we cannot buy properties for full market value. You will take a small decrease in property value in exchange for a quick and hassle-free sale tailored to your requirements.

Unlike traditional estate agents who charge commission and online estate agents who charge a fee, selling with SmoothSale is completely free. You won’t part with any money when selling with us and we even cover your legal fees.

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Sell your house for cash to SmoothSale

Simply enter your details below to get a no-obligation cash offer for your house.

Sell your house for cash to SmoothSale

Simply enter your details below to get a no-obligation cash offer for your house.

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