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Would you like to sell house fast York? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We understand it can be challenging to sell your home fast for cash, especially in today’s real estate market. The fact is that more people are choosing to sell their homes for cash with a company like us, Smoothsale. The reason is that we can make the process of selling your property stress-free, fast, and for cash.

What is a Cash Home-Buying Company? 

A cash home-buying company is simply a business that’s similar to a traditional real estate company in some ways. For one thing, the home-buying company works with professionals who understand the real estate market, current issues with the market, and more. 

These companies, like us, have their own funds to buy a property with cash. That means there’s no need to wait for a lender to approve the mortgage, no real estate chain to deal with, and it’s possible to sell your property fee-free. In addition, the companies buy homes directly from the homeowners. The sale is fast, and homeowners end up with cash in their accounts within a matter of days. 

So, why not choose to sell house fast York? 


What are the Benefits of Cash House Buyers? 

Selling your home with a traditional estate agent can take weeks or months, but with a cash house buyer, the process is much faster. Here are some other benefits of using a cash house buyer: 

No delays: it can take up to six months to sell a home, that’s if you’re lucky. In some cases, it can take much longer. However, with a cash buyer, the process can go much faster! 

No stress: not only does it take a lot of time to sell a home with the traditional method, but the process is also stressful. For one thing, you have to deal with estate agents, conveyancing solicitors, buyers, mortgage surveyors, and more. With a cash sale, the process is short, sweet, and you’re not stressed out. 

No uncertainty: it’s a common problem that a real estate sale can fall apart. There are various reasons for this, such as a real estate chain. On the other hand, with a cash home buyer, you sell the house fast and don’t have to worry about the deal falling apart at the last minute. It’s a sure thing once you’ve accepted their offer. 

These are a few of the benefits you can experience by using Smoothsale to sell house fast York. 

The SmoothSale Difference
average sale duration
on average saved in costs
properties bought for cash

How Does Smoothsale Operate as a Cash Buyer?

That’s a great question we often hear from our customers, and we’re happy to answer this and other questions about our business. Our method is different from selling your home on the open market. If you’ve done this in the past, you know how it can be—stressful. However, when you sell your home to us, you can rest assured that there will be no issue. You will have a smooth sales process when you sell house fast York.

We buy homes for cash, using our own funds. That way, our customers can sell their homes quickly and have the money in their accounts when they choose to complete.

We guarantee to sell your house fast or in a time frame that works for you. We have bought homes from customers struggling with the following issues:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Repossession
  • Divorce or separation
  • Unsellable home
  • Inherited property
  • Relocation
  • Downsizing
  • Short lease property

We make the process easy, stress-free, and fast.

Do You Buy Any Home?

This is another great question we often hear from customers. The answer is yes! We buy any home in the UK. We can buy your home regardless of its condition or location. Unlike an estate agent, there are no limits on the area we cover. As long as you’re in the UK and own a residential property, we can offer a quick sale process and promise you can sell house fast York. 

What’s more, we don’t discriminate. Our company has purchased properties of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped customers with hard-to-sell homes, such as those with subsidence, short leases, and requiring renovations. We have the funds available to buy your home in as few as seven days. 

We are dedicated to providing our customers with a flexible, transparent, quick house sale no matter what the situation. And you pay zero fees, so you’re selling your home for free! 


How Does Smoothsale Compare to Traditional Estate Agents? 

We offer our customers a flexible, stress-free way to sell their homes. If you’re still wondering if Smoothsale is the right choice for you, here’s a quick comparison between our company, a traditional estate agent, and an online estate agent. 

Traditional Estate Agent Smoothsale Online Estate Agent
High fees Sell for free; all fees covered Pay in advance
Hidden costs No hidden costs—everything is transparent Hidden costs
Lack of transparency Complete transparent process Lack of transparency
Poor communication  Always in communication with customer; full expert support Poor communication & limited access to agent
Long time on market Sell in any time frame—quickly Long time on market
No guaranteed sale Guaranteed sale No guaranteed sale


We can sell house fast York while taking care of our customers throughout the entire process. 

What Makes Smoothsale Different?

Along with the reasons listed above, here are a couple more ways we’re different from traditional estate agents: 


Our Customer Service

We’re available 24/7, and we know your property search isn’t confined to working hours. Our property experts are available to discuss your next move whenever you’re ready. You’re in control every step of the way. 


Best Price Promise

When you sell your property to Smoothsale, you’re getting the best cash offer available. If you receive a better cash offer from a competing firm, we’ll beat it every time. 

We help customers across the UK to sell house fast. We have the funds and communication to facilitate your sale. 

If you’d like to get a cash quote for your home, contact us today! We’re happy to answer your questions about our services and explain how to sell house fast. Let us know how we can help you sell your home fast for cash today


Sell your house for cash to SmoothSale

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Sell your house for cash to SmoothSale

Simply enter your details below to get a no-obligation cash offer for your house.

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